What’s in Bethie’s New Postbox #4

The Postcrossing continues! I’ve been receiving lots of great mail lately. Oh how I’ve missed Postcrossing. Connecting with people even if its for just a brief moment while reading the postcard or letter they sent is an amazing feeling. I recently received two postcards from the same side of the world.

First is this lovely postcard of blossoms from Hong Kong. It’s simple andIMG_20170422_161506 beautiful.

The second postcard came from The People’s Republic of China. It features a lovely shot of The Qian Shan Mountain.  If you look closely you can see people standing at a lookout point and the top of a building. IMG_20170422_161447


What’s in Bethie’s New Post Box #3

Woohoo! I am back Postcrossing.

Here are my first two postcards.

IMG_20170410_175940 - Copy

This card came all the way from Ireland from a dude who travels the world with his bicycle.  The best part is he has been through my little corner of the world!



Oregon! So pretty! This came all the up from Medford. Where my Aunt lives oddly enough.

These were definitely a reminder of how small the world can be. Can I end a sentence with be?

What’s in Bethie’s New Post Box #2

So yeah that great posting revival from like months ago obviously didn’t happen. Oops. I’ve been spending a lot of time in The Broken Isles. What this basically means is I started playing World of Warcraft again and the game has been taking up a lot of my time. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the game but also how all encompassing it can be when you let it consume you.

However I checked my mail today and along with my W2s (Yay taxes!) was this cute postcard from my friend in Austin, TX:


I have received a bunch of other neat and unique cards in 2016. I’ll have to round them up and do a gallery post. But I should probably not make any promises on future posts because then I get disappointed in myself when I notice it’s been 4 months since the last post.

What’s in Bethie’s New Post box #1

Since I am kind of starting over with the blog and I have a new address I decided to start back over at number one. Because I can.

A friend from high school periodically sends me postcards when  she travels. Recently she’s been going through an old stack of postcard duplicates that she has and sending them my way. Here is the most recent one from Maine, where she has family.

The font on this card is a classic 90’s postcard font. I remember as a kid picking out postcards with this same font. It is still pretty easy to find postcards from decades ago. I believe this is due to the lack of people sending out postcards when they travel these days or decades ago. So send some postcards when you travel people.*IMG_20160828_113812

*This entire paragraph was based on conjecture and rubbish memories from when I was a kid looking at postcard racks in hotel gift shops.

It’s been over a year!

I didn’t realize that I hadn’t updated my blog in over a year. It was definitely not intentional. Life can get busy sometimes and the mail received is few and far between.  Here is a quick overview of the things that have been going on.

  1. Bought a house with my partner or as we like to say he bought me a house. I have a new address and new mailbox (more on that in the future).
  2. Started a new job a few months ago. It’s the same as what I was doing before except its different. I am only at my desk for a few hours at the most everyday. Which has it’s benefits and downfalls. One benefit is way better health insurance I can actually go to the doctor without worrying about huge medical bills. One downfall being super exhausted when I get home.
  3. Spent sometime in Barcelona. I thought I had written a post about the trip there but I guess I did not. They have some cool stamps that I think I took pictures of.
  4. Stopped being active on Postcrossing and The League of Extraordinary Penpals. Still writing with those I met through those groups though, just not as frequently. It would probably help if I passed along my new address.
  5. General life business.September through January is busy with holidays, vacation time, and birthdays. This coming year will not be much different.
  6. Medical stuff.
  7. Trying to spend less time on the internet in general especially social media.

So I am back to blogging about stuff. Mainly about mail. Things that might change regarding the blog:

  1. Posts with the cool stamps I received on letters and postcards ( I will be starting Postcrossing again soon, so that won’t be a problem.)
  2. Post about the subscription services I use. Right now it is just one, Ipsy, there maybe be more in the future. Not sure if I want to get into product reviews. There are already lots of product review blogs/vlogs etc….
  3. An actual non WordPress related URL. Haven’t decided on one yet.
  4. Different kinds of mail posts besides just pictures of postcards. Like videos or a slideshow (which is just pictures in a different format I guess.)
  5. More outgoing mail posts, these will only appear if I feel I have done a really good job on the envelope or have really cool stamps.


What’s in Bethie’s Postbox #35

I had a friend visit Massachusetts for the summer. At first she had a hard time finding postcards to send out from the city she was staying in, but she managed find very unique postcards. I do have a theory that you can get postcards in every city, at least in the US. It’s not the greatest theory. Here is what she found.

Combs were a thing back in the day.
Combs were a thing back in the day.
This lake does not exist anymore.
State map. Postcrossers would be all over this one.
Emily Dickinson? Forgot to re-read the back of the postcard to verify who this is.
Emily Dickinson? Forgot to re-read the back of the postcard to verify who this is.
Amherst College, where my friend and her hubby met while they were both attending the school.
Amherst College, where my friend and her hubby met while they were both attending the school.

So I took these pictures using my second light box (first one was destroyed by cats). There is still a lot to learn about using the light box, like making sure you have a pure white background. Considering making a third light box; third time’s the charm and all that. I should probably just buy one.

I leave you with one final picture since it has been so long since I updated the blog.

lightbox kitty
lightbox kitty

Reddit Secret Santa Update – I opened a letter!

Several months ago I posted about the Reddit Secret Santa Gift Exchange. You can read about it here.

I finally opened one of the letters. I had a rough day at work and feeling pretty down on myself and the world. I could easily place the blame on someone else but I was a cotton headed ninny muggins which resulted in extra work for people, including myself. I am pretty sure my blood pressure has risen 3-fold this week with some added responsibilities.

I remembered that one of the letters had to do with feeling down. I figured this would be the perfect time to open that letter. After work I ran to the store and got some things for dinner and an after work snack. At home I settled in and opened the letter. The letter was entitled: For when you are feeling lonely or unhappy. Here are the contents of that envelope.



On the back of this postcard my Secret Santa, Nadia wrote a short note. I didn’t take a picture of the note as I want to keep the words to myself. But basically the message is You are loved.


Then there were also these pictures! I forgot to count how many there were but there were at least fifteen. The pictures depict friends, family and my fur kids. My Secret Santa apologized for stalking my Flickr account, which I haven’t actually touched in a year. These pictures made me happy, sad, nostalgic. They made me laugh, cringe, smile, regret and get misty eyed. There were pictures of friends whom I have not spoken to in years, there was an ex-boyfriend and friend who passed away too soon. Unfortunately there weren’t too many recent pictures. But! These pictures and the note from my Secret Santa reminded me that I am more than my job. And I am loved and my friends or just a text, phone call or letter away.