What’s in Bethie’s New Post box #1

Since I am kind of starting over with the blog and I have a new address I decided to start back over at number one. Because I can.

A friend from high school periodically sends me postcards when  she travels. Recently she’s been going through an old stack of postcard duplicates that she has and sending them my way. Here is the most recent one from Maine, where she has family.

The font on this card is a classic 90’s postcard font. I remember as a kid picking out postcards with this same font. It is still pretty easy to find postcards from decades ago. I believe this is due to the lack of people sending out postcards when they travel these days or decades ago. So send some postcards when you travel people.*IMG_20160828_113812

*This entire paragraph was based on conjecture and rubbish memories from when I was a kid looking at postcard racks in hotel gift shops.


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