Reddit Secret Santa Update – I opened a letter!

Several months ago I posted about the Reddit Secret Santa Gift Exchange. You can read about it here.

I finally opened one of the letters. I had a rough day at work and feeling pretty down on myself and the world. I could easily place the blame on someone else but I was a cotton headed ninny muggins which resulted in extra work for people, including myself. I am pretty sure my blood pressure has risen 3-fold this week with some added responsibilities.

I remembered that one of the letters had to do with feeling down. I figured this would be the perfect time to open that letter. After work I ran to the store and got some things for dinner and an after work snack. At home I settled in and opened the letter. The letter was entitled: For when you are feeling lonely or unhappy. Here are the contents of that envelope.



On the back of this postcard my Secret Santa, Nadia wrote a short note. I didn’t take a picture of the note as I want to keep the words to myself. But basically the message is You are loved.


Then there were also these pictures! I forgot to count how many there were but there were at least fifteen. The pictures depict friends, family and my fur kids. My Secret Santa apologized for stalking my Flickr account, which I haven’t actually touched in a year. These pictures made me happy, sad, nostalgic. They made me laugh, cringe, smile, regret and get misty eyed. There were pictures of friends whom I have not spoken to in years, there was an ex-boyfriend and friend who passed away too soon. Unfortunately there weren’t too many recent pictures. But! These pictures and the note from my Secret Santa reminded me that I am more than my job. And I am loved and my friends or just a text, phone call or letter away.


2 thoughts on “Reddit Secret Santa Update – I opened a letter!

    1. I am the worst ever. I have not opened any more letters. My goal was to open them sparingly, but I guess I did it too sparingly. I will update with a new letter soon though.

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