Jararrium Update #1

One Week After Planting

IMG_20150321_133342IMG_20150321_133424One Month After Planting

IMG_20150412_182524IMG_20150412_182535 IMG_20150412_182626 IMG_20150412_182559

Between week one and one month I trimmed some roots because I didn’t like wow they were sticking out of the substrate. I didn’t think this was the best thing to do but since this is an experiment I went for it. The result was some leaves on the Crypt melting (I believe that is the term). I also discovered several snails of various sizes. This is the biggest one. I don’t see him/her too often though. The Red Cherry Shrimp will be added soon. The jar is currently on my desk at work due to cats wanting to eat the plants.

Should Jarrarium be spelled with one “R” or two?


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