What’s in Bethie’s Postbox #31

A friend of my visited Panama before the holidays last year. Like any good postcard addict I asked him to send me a postcard. He returned before I received a postcard. He told me that he left it with someone in Panama and asked them to send it since he didn’t know where to mail the card. Anyways the person he left the postcard with followed through because the postcard was in my mail box yesterday (it was probably there sooner as I have been lax in checking my mail…a locked mailbox will do that to you).


It came with a twist! The message was written in code. Apparently the way to decode the message is on the front of the postcard. Here is the message and a kitty paw:


What does it say? No Clue. Code cracking is not my specialty. If anyone wants to solve it for me that would be greatly appreciated.


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