What’s in Bethie’s Postbox #28

More traveling friends!  Here they are in no particular order…


I received this lovely postcard from a fellow League of Extraordinary Penpals who was traveling with her hubby in Utah. Salt Lake City is beautiful. Definitely on my places to visit list.



My dear friend and fellow blogger took a road trip to Virginia for her hubby’s graduation, he received a Masters from Liberty University. Liberty University was the big college a lot of people at my school wanted to go to (private religious school). The building is sooo white, I wonder what it was like close up. She also sent a silly postcard from Tennesse which is currently in the office and I am too lazy to retrieve it.


Finally another dear friend of mine took the trip of a lifetime with her mom, sister and sister’s friend to the UK, France and Ireland. She sent 2 postcards from France and one the UK. The one from the UK is my favorite because it’s hand drawn. It reminds me of a recent Kickstarter about postcards that I didn’t back, but probably should have.


This one sent from France reminded her of our group of friends. I think I am the last one on the right because I am the youngest and my nickname is Junior.





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