What’s in Bethie’s Post Box #25

This past year I have found a new group of girlfriends through my board game group. We are kind of like the Three Musketeers. Recently I had the opportunity to introduce them to letter writing and Pen Pals. This showed up in my mailbox the other day – a lovely letter from one of my friends thanking me for introducing them to letter writing.


IMG_20140410_184749 (1)The letter is written on onion skin paper, which has a texture that is thicker than tissue paper and somewhat slick like wax paper.  Inside included with the envelope were these letter seals/stickers.


The back of the envelope had this cute seal. I need to find out where she got them.


And the most amazing envelope I have ever received.


I have no words to describe how special and wonderful this envelope is. I am going to have to frame it or figure out a way to display it in my house. Whoever ends up with my friend as their Pen Pal is going to have many happy mail days.

If you would like to see more of my friends art and illustrations check out her website here.


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