A Month of Letters Challenge (Wrap Up) + New Challenge

Wrap Up

As you may have noticed I stopped posting updates for the Month of Letters Challenge after the first week of February.  This does indicate that I did not send out 23 pieces of mail in February per the guidelines of the challenge. I did end up sending out 10 pieces of mail over 8 days. So not quiet half way. However I will call this a partially successful because I was able to get a few other friends in pen-paling. Each of them have written letters or postcards to strangers in hopes to hear back from them and start a letter friendship. This would not have been possible without the lovely people from The League of Extraordinary Pen pals who were willing to receive letters from reluctant letter writers. In the past week they have already received replies to their letters and are excited to write back.  How much mail did you send out in February?

New Challenge

Have  you seen the Can You Be Happy For 100 Days posts on FB?  Here is the website if you haven’t: http://100happydays.com/ Several of my LEP friends are doing it so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. There will mostly be pictures of my cats and snail mail. Seems easy enough. I have encouragement from from a few friends and I’ve set a reminder on my phone. My starting date is Friday March 7, 2014 and will mostly be done through my instagram.

There is more motivation for this challenge than just jumping on the bandwagon.  The past year and a half has been filled with a lot of joy and happiness but there are times when I get into a melancholy slump. I am hoping that this project will help me out of those low times.  And there are other times where I forget to be thankful for what I have and am able to experience.



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