What’s in Bethie’s Postbox #18

It’s been a slow mail week, but today was amazing! I usually don’t post pen pal letters but this time I am posting two. One is an introduction letter from a member of the Letter Writers Alliance.  I also received a note-card from a friend in Oregon whom I recently visited and decided to add to my growing collection of correspondence receivers/pen friends. I am always a little nervous with adding someone I have known for a long time from beyond the internet into my pen friend list. In the past couple of years I have been slacking in the communication department with these friends; phone calls less frequent, visits less frequent, Facebook pokes less frequent. I have no problem writing to complete strangers about my life, so why not include the people that already care about me. I have also considered add my niece to the list and my boyfriend.

image IMG_20131209_182121 IMG_20131209_182152 IMG_20131209_182213I also received a thank you card that is super cute so I thought I would share and a postcard from the US via Postcrossing. The person who sent the Postcard has actually been Bellingham before….that is a rare occurrence.

Side note the kitchen counter does not make a good location to take pictures.



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