Research Nerd

This week I was reminded of how much I enjoy researching.  I have a super secret project that I am working on that requires researching all the things!  I was a history major because I loved researching and regurgitating it into essay form.  I loved helping my dad research his sciencey stuff when I was a little kid; basically I just pushed the green button on the copy machine.  The research I have done has made me miss college and university.

Earlier this week I posted a postcard I received from Russia. You can see it here.  At the time of posting the postcard I had no idea where the card was from or what it was of. Thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Heidini’s research the mystery of the pink building has been solved.  The postcard features The St. Simeon Church in Veliky Ustyug.  Veliky Ustyug is a town in the northeast of the Vologda Oblast in Russia.  It has a very interesting history.

St. Simeon is more interesting than Veliky Ustyug if you are into religious history. St. Simeon was a Stylite (not to be confused with the plant genus). Stylites are also known as Pillar Saints.  These religious figures appeared during the early years of the Byzantine Empire. It is believed that St. Simeon was the first Stylite, he climbed a pillar in Syria where he preached, fasted and prayed for 37 years. More information on Stylites can be found here.


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