Lost and Found

photo (78)I recently found part of my old  postcard collection that was displayed on my cork-board in my old apartment. It was fun going through all of them refreshing my memory of who sent them. Some of them were really old and had my home address from growing up in Colorado.  I had forgotten how many people I had wrangled into sending me postcards throughout the years – friends from high school, friends from elementary school, friends from my time in England, my brother’s ex-wife (they were married when she sent them), and my parents. Now the question becomes do I put them in my wall display or safely in a box.

I am still looking for postcards from a friend in elementary school when she lived in Germany, and postcards from a friend who stayed in France for a year.  I have not given up hope!



5 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. That is an exciting find!

    My mom and I just ran across part of my great grandma’s postcard collection. She kept the postcards in huge binders. We decided to switch them from the old acidic plastic and musty smelling binders to new ones. We found you can get the binders and archival quality plastic sheets at target fairly inexpensively. You may want to look into that option for your collection.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Jamie. Right now I have them displayed in my kitchen or in a photo box. I might have to look into the binder idea though.

  2. You will find them when the time is right. Is there any chance of seeing that top postcard? Is it 2 old ladies in Greece. It’s not Paros is it? I think I have the same card.

    1. Sorry Alison I’ve been away on vacation. I can definitely post a picture of the top postcard. I think it might just be a picture of Santorini.

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