Saying Goodbye Again

Tomorrow morning I get to say goodbye. I have been saying goodbye to a lot of people over the last year and some months. Even though I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing E and J for as long as some of the people to whom I have had to say goodbye their actions have affected my life in many ways, ways that I did not realize until this past week.

A week ago I had the pleasure of standing up in their wedding as a bridesmaid. It was a beautiful and short ceremony. The wedding party entered to the “Lord of The Rings” theme song and the bride entered to “The Princess Bride” theme (there was a an audible aaw as soon as everyone recognized what was playing). Despite the frivolity and joy of that day there was a bittersweetness (how is this not a word, Word?) that hung over me. I don’t like saying goodbye and I would have to say goodbye to E and J multiple times over the course of the coming week. It was on their wedding day that I realized that a small thing that they did put me where I am now at on my path of living.

Over two years ago E and J started a weekly board game group. This board game group was eventually attended by my boyfriend who invited me during NaNoWriMo and while I was dating someone else.  He asked me at a time when I was looking to try something new and break out of my introverted shell. I was not able to attend my first Bellingham Gaming Meetup until after NaNoWriMo and after I had broken off my relationship (these three incidents are not related to one another).

This board game group has become my core group of friends and I started dating the guy who invited me five months after joining the group. Through the board game group I met my guy’s neighbors. I became friends with the neighbors. Neighbors told me about an available job. I am now working at that previously available job and the neighbor is my co-worker.

Tl;dr – E and J started a board game group which lead to my current occupation and relationship status.

Yes, there is chance that dating my guy would have eventually happened, which would have led to meeting the neighbors which would have led to the job or not since I was all set (kind of) to move to California.

I know that all my friendships and relationships with people have affected my life, but in this moment, this moment of saying goodbye; no two people have affected my life in the same way as E and J.


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