What’s in Bethie’s Postbox

Six months ago I joined Postcrossing as previously mentioned in one or two blog posts. Then I proceeded to post my postcards that I had received in 2012 from various sources. It was a great post and idea at the time. I was going to post my entire 2013 collection at the end of the year, but then I realized that would be a not so great post. Too much scrolling. Then I was going to do monthly updates. As you may have noticed it is April and there have been no monthly updates. For about five seconds I considered doing a Tumblr. This Tumblr would consist of everything I received in my postbox every day, including junk mail. Could be funny, but this would require me to check my mail everyday. I don’t check my mail everyday and I don’t plan to start anytime soon. My solution is to post whenever I get something awesome in the mail, generally postcard or pen-pal related. Or maybe that awesome dress I bought on Modcloth. I don’t know. Whatever strikes my fancy. But this way I don’t feel obligated to post all the time and probably bore some people with posts about postcards.

Please note that I do appreciate every postcard and letter I receive and they should all be posted on my blog, but I currently don’t have the inclination to upload them everyday.

So what’s in my postbox?



photo (46)

A friend of mine goes on epic trips every year. This year she visited Cambodia. She sent me several postcards and these are the two that made it. The first postcard is vintage! The back is very yellowed with age. The second postcard features the Angkor Wat temple.


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