Ode to USPS*

I was planning on writing this post last week, when I came to an understanding of our postal service. I was ready to sing my praises to  USPS. But then that day three customers were like where is my package I ordered forever ago. I checked, all three packages were sent USPS. My feelings of contentment towards our mail system quickly disappeared. I was frustrated from a customer service perspective, how could these people have not gotten their packages? I made two too many calls to USPS that day and upon further investigation USPS did deliver the packages. I forwarded all the information I received from USPS to my customers and have not heard from them since. People are strange and are quick to blame someone else when they fail to act appropriately.

My faith in USPS is restored! Seriously we really do have a good postal system in this country. I am sure there are people out there that have lost packages and letters and whatnots. But that is something that is bound to happen with the amount of letters, postcards, and packages going through the mail system each day. And UPS, FEDEX and DHL are not perfect companies either. But my observation doesn’t just come from being in the e-commerce business and needing a good understanding of  delivery days. My observation comes from joining postcrossings.com early last month.

Since I have joined this worldwide postcard exchange I have started to appreciate USPS more. Yes their prices are kind of steep. It costs $1.05 to send a small postcard to the other side of the world. $0.85 to Canada and $0.32 with the 50 states and territories. So this is turning into a pricey hobby. Anywho I have sent 7 postcards in total. Out of those postcards, 5 have been received. 2 within the US and 3 in Europe. The international postcards take on average 7 days to get to their destination. I am waiting on two people to still receive their postcards. One in Belarus and one in Russia.

On the other hand I have received 1 postcard from Japan. It is a beautiful postcard too. But it took several weeks to travel 4,000+ miles to reach me. And most of that is air travel. Why would it take that long? Or maybe it went by boat? It would suck to have to wait two or more weeks to hear from a friend in a different country.  I know it could be different between country to country in Europe and Asia.

I am a bit bummed that I haven’t received more than 1 postcard (Ha! I keep writing postard). But I think the thrill of knowing someone received my postcard is equal to the thrill of finding a postcard in my mailbox.

But Bethy there is this thing called email! I know and I am aware I use it everyday at work to communicate with customers and coworkers. I don’t really use email on a personal level. Yeah my mom or dad will send me quick email about something, but I am more likely to call the back. I have one friend I email daily.  Everyone else I want to communicate with  is via text or instant messages.

All I am saying is give USPS a chance. Send a letter to your mom or grandma, or an old friend. They will appreciate it.

*I am not receiving any kickbacks from USPS for this blog post.


One thought on “Ode to USPS*

  1. I think all the postcards from UK were like 1GBP just for the stamp, which is nearly 1.5 USD. I can’t remember the ones from Australia and New Zealand, but I legit had to budget money for both postcards and stamps because I ended up sending way too many to too many people.

    I don’t think a postcard I’ve sent has ever taken longer than two weeks though. Except for the ones that were lost in the Isle of Man post office and never went anywhere.

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