85 cents!

I am obviously far too happy to blog these days, as it has been about two months since I posted anything (yesterday’s post excluded).

Despite losing 80% of my friends over the past year to other states, I remain happy and content (FYI this could change come Wednesday, having lunch with my mother without the buffer of my dad).  I also remain busy. It takes a lot of time to level your Warlock from level 85 to 90 without doing instances/dungeons/raids.

However this post is not about how awesome I am doing but about the awesome new thing I am going to try. About a month ago I signed up for a Reddit postcard exchange through redditgifts.com.  I have a thing for postcards. I got a lovely postcard from a gal in Alberta along with a desk calendar full of post cards! I sent postcards to a fellow Redditor in Toronto. It was during this process that I learned that it costs 85 cents to send a post card to Canada.  I am hoping my person gets the two previous postcards that I sent without the proper shipping because they had super awesome Pixar stamps and the postcards themselves were pretty swell.  I plan to participate in other Reddit gift exchanges in the future.

The postcard exchange inspired me to join a postcard exchange that I found via the Google.  I signed up for postcrossing.com.  I will be sending my first postcard today to Germany. I can’t wait to see what I will be getting back.

Many thanks go to Jess for providing me with many amazing postcards from her travels over the years.


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