Gamera is the best!*

Hello Blogosphere I have returned from…not being here. How long I plan to stay I can’t really say. I will stay as long as it strikes my fancy. Today it struck my fancy.

Part of my non blogging problem is because I am happy. I’ve been happy for a long while now, this is a rare occasion for me. But who blogs about being happy. No one. You blog when you have something you think is important; to share or feelings you need to express in some way. In the past blogging has been a cathartic exercise.

I know that over the next year there will be a lot of changes. Bitter sweet changes and some changes, in all honesty, I am trying to avoid. But it’s going to be all right, cause I’ve survived being laid of twice in a six month period, and a lot depression the last few years. It’s going to be all right because I have deep down happiness.

Deep down happiness = joy. I’ve got joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart (….where?).

Let’s see if a blog about happiness can be successful. Granted the angsty version of this blog wasn’t very successful.

*Random quote of the day


2 thoughts on “Gamera is the best!*

  1. Hi Beth,

    I hope you are still happy now that the rain is here. Are you doing NaNo this year??? I just tagged you for the Next Big Thing blog meme. You can email me at shell0flower at gmail or just copy the questions off my blog.

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