The Final Countdown

There are three full working days until I am laid-off from my current job. The layoff was inevitable; my company had been yanking our chains for about two years regarding when my department would be downsized.  It’s both a scary and exciting time in life.

However, there are three full working days left. All my cases are complete so I will not be leaving anything behind for the small group of people who get to stay. That leaves me without much to do except blog, play words with friends/hanging with friends, check Facebook/Twitter, and push paper. The one task I have left is data entry, but I think it has been assigned to those of us who are leaving because it will keep us busy. Motivation to complete the task is nil.

 Despite the boredom and excitement to start something new there is also sadness that hangs over everything. There will be no more 9 am coffee runs to Starbucks. There will be no more visits from friends/co-workers who worked on other floors. There will be no more e-mails back and forth with the outside world. This conjures up the unanswerable question…will we all remain friends or was our friendship based on the fact that we worked in the same building.

New adventures await me, but until they begin I will make the most of the people I have around me.


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