I have a SUPERpower

I am able to have an object in my hand, put it down and then not remember where I put it three seconds later. This super power has provided great entertainment for my friends. However this super power does have a downside as you can imagine.

Recently I took a day trip to the neighboring county. Along my journey I got in and out of my car to take pictures. I always made sure I did not lock my car doors since I would only be outside for a few minutes. I was very successful at not locking myself out of the car. Until…my last stop of the day.

I went to the Cap Sante overlook in Anacortes,WA. I stepped out of the car and remember locking the doors but not realizing what I did until I took my first picture. Panic started to set in. It was a cold cloudy day and I had on a thin, yet stylish, sweater and thin thermal shirt. Thankfully there was a group of four friends just about leave so I had to do that whole awkward knock on the window hey can I use your phone thing. It turned out well because the people were super nice and an officer from the Anacortes Police Department unlocked my car for me.

This is the worst happenstance with my super power. Other instances include misplacing my debit card (ok this has happened multiple times) but it was so lost that I called and cancelled the card, only to find in work pants like four months later. I lose my work ID badge all the time. Today I left my cell phone at home. I have also forgotten where I put my Bohnanza game.

I am trying to figure out the positive side of my power but I haven’t been able to come up with anything. However with great power comes great responsibility so it will work itself out some how.

I bet you had a super power as awesome as mine.


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