Death to Cupid!

It is that time of year where my singleness is that much more apparent. Valentine’s Day is closely approaching. This day has also been aptly named “Single Awareness Day.” But I don’t need a day filled with chocolates that will rot, roses that will wilt, and jewelry that will dull, to tell me I am single. I am aware of this every day.

I am especially aware of this when a guy that has made my heart all  fluttery for 8 years flirts hardcore then proceded to tell me about the gals he’s trying to make it with (seriously, guys, why do you do that?). It makes me want to get stabby. I think I am starting to digress.

My point is a lot of single people feel not so awesome about being single and it is hard on us to see the stuffed animals, the flowers, the heart-shaped boxes, the commercials about bling en masse starting January 2nd every year. But why have we gotten to this point? Why/how has Valentine’s Day gotten to be such a big deal. I have heard the excuses it’s all Hallmark’s fault. People like have a day to set aside to express their love. I take issue with both of those things.   

 Hallmark and jewelry stores might have started this concept of buying heart-shaped things on February 14th, but we’ve perpetuated it. It is our entire fault. We have bought into the lie that on this one day of the year we are to make a more concerted effort to express our love to our significant other. We are the ones who have allowed Hallmark and jewelry stores to perpetuate this every year. Aren’t we smarter than that? To let people or a company manipulate us into thinking we need to do this thing. Wait never mind I just remembered our political history for the past…umm…forever.

People who like the occasion of Valentine’s Day (I don’t want to call it a holiday because if it is a holiday we should get that day off of work) because it gives them a chance to express how they feel to their loved one(s); worry me.  What else does the rest of your relationship look like…isn’t that part of a relationship…expressing one’s love? That expression should be something that is constantly occurring. If couples in relationships were expressing their love on a regular basis the heart-shaped boxed would be available all year round, along with diamond pendant jewelry. This would free up Hallmark to concentrate their efforts on St. Patrick’s Day or Easter.  

 In summation (by Emily C. of Sunshine and Sarcasm): If you want to set aside one day to express your love so you can feel validated in treating your partner like your favorite plush toy, perhaps it should be for an anniversary or something that has real meaning to you personally.  That way, Hallmark can still have its cake and eat it too, but you don’t have to make the rest of us suffer with those blind with their own glee.  Please folks, think of the children.  After all, when do you think half of them came about.  Valentine’s Day = Venereal Disease Day.


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