2012 Bucket List a.k.a. My New Years Resolutions

For the past couple years or more I have been firm in my resolve to not make resolutions as one year turns into the next. However, the last month I have had a lot of things on my mind. Therefore I came up with this list of resolutions, which I prefer to call my 2012 Bucket List. It is an addendum to the previous bucket list which I wrote in 2011.

1) Floss more. Time to start taking care of those teeth before they fall out of my head.
2) Get my tragus pierced. *edit* Completed on 4/11/12
3) Moisturize. I am currently obsessed with Dermatologica products. They do wonders for my face.
4) Eat less chocolate and sweets. (I am going to put this one out here…this probably really won’t happen). At least I am being honest.
5) Become a runner or rollerblade. I need to start taking care of my body better. It’s the only one I got.
6) Move away from Bellingham. I do love it here, but after 11 years it is time for a change.
7) Figure out this thing called Love. ‘Cause I have no clue. Infatuation and Lust do not equal love.
8) Rearrange my apartment. Or if I move to a new place decorate it awesomely.
9) Publish an ebook. It would help if I wasn’t currently suffering writer’s block.
10) Reveal my feelings to my gaming buddy. This one probably won’t happen either. There would be no going back. But go big or go home, right?
11) Find a new job.
12) Choose joy. I am tired of feeling depressed all the time.
13) Travel
14) Blog, write, take lots of pictures. I am pretty sure I say this every year.
15) This space reserved for any other cool thing I can think of to do in 2012.

I know 2012 will be a good year. For me. For everyone. It sounds like we are off to a good start because the moon is in a balanced state for the New Year. Ok, don’t really know what that means, just something I saw on a friend’s FB page.

Happy New Year to everyone who stops by and reads this blog. May the coming year be filled with joy and…er…um… Chocolate.


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