Bucket List Update – Grad School

I have been accepted to Grad School! Yay! I was accepted into the Writing for Young People Master of Fine Arts program at Antioch University. It was a great phone call to receive, especially after a hard day at work.

I felt justified in my writing skills and proud that my dreams were going to come true. All of my friends and brother were excited and supportive of me. My parents not so much.  Within a few days I had confirmed with the head of the program that I would attend even if I had to sell my car. I received a packet of more information and signed my intent to register form and gave the school $200.00.

Shortly after I gave them my money, one of the Executive Leadership Team came and spoke to us at work and was like hey guys you are going to be let go, or you can move to Tennessee. Then I received my Financial Aid Award letter. And well…I was going to have to raise $10,000.00 through private loans on top of the $10,000.00 in Federal loans I had been given. So after two years of the program I would be in debt around $40,000.00. Yes I am aware that there are many people out there that have accumulated that much debt or more for schooling. For me personally it would not sit well with me that I would owe that much money in the government and a private company.

Therefore after much thought and agonizing I decided that I will not be attending Grad School at this time. Grad School and writing is my dream. I know now that my dream is attainable. I’ll just be better prepared for it next time it comes around.


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