By the time you read this I’ll be in California

In an attempt to chip away at my “bucket list” (See this post) or things I want to do before I reach 40 I will be spending the weekend in San Francisco. I’ve never been to Northern California and am excited about this opportunity that presented itself about 4 months ago.

A friend from San Louis Obispo, who currently makes her home in the Pacific Northwest, was planning on driving down to her hometown. I have family inNewport Beach, so I decided to tag along. As the months passed the plans changed to a mini road trip to San Francisco for the weekend. My friend would continue on to San Louis Obispo and I would fly home fromSan Franciscoafter the weekend.

I am excited to spend some time in a bustling city that I have never seen and geek out at all the touristy stuff one can experience: Fisherman’s Warf, Trolley Cars, Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown and San Francisco Sourdough Bread (not really sure if this is an actual thing tourists do in SF).

What excites me the most is getting the opportunity to take pictures of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

 Oh! I’ll also be looking for Nuclear Wessels in Alameda.*



*Points to those who get the reference. And maybe a taco.


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