4 Blogs you’ve probably never heard of but should be reading

Several months ago I found an online article about 25 blogs that most people haven’t read but should. I took issue with this article, mostly because the blogs were written by journalists and had the backing of various media outlets, such as The Atlantic, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post. If a blog is being sponsored by a media outlet it must be a pretty popular blog. There were a few blogs that started out independently and gained enough of a following that said media outlet picked it up. What I really want to read about is 25 independent blogs that I’ve probably never heard of and should be reading. And by independent blog I mean something the equivalent of the mom and pop shop of the blogosphere.

 Therefore here is my list of blogs you more than likely have never heard and should peruse at some point.

1.  Opinions of a Wolf  is written by a 20 something medical librarian who lives and works in Bahstun, MA. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Wolfy for several years now and am grateful for her starting our online acquaintanceship via comments on my disbanded blog.  So why should I follow this blog, it’s great she’s your friend an all but that doesn’t make the blog any good. True statement.  There are a lot of not so fantastic blogs out there but this isn’t one of them. The author of this blog puts in a lot of time an effort into her posts. She reviews books, movies and shares general tales of her life. Her blog has structure and you can count on several new posts a week, unlike my blog.  And she is a geeky gal which is always a plus.

 2. Tangent Shell is written by an aspiring writer who happens to live in the city of subdued excitement.  The author recently went to the Chuckanut Writers Conference so they have several posts on writing and publishing tips. Good stuff.  There are also book reviews and interesting stories about work and life. The best part is that there is a new song every day. Sometimes they correlate with the blog posts, and sometimes they are just a fun addition.

3. Sunshine and Sarcasm  this is a fairly new blog (2 posts) but the author is not new to the idea of blogging. The author had/has a livejournal (I didn’t realize people still used livejournal) for many years before branching out into the realm of Blogger. The title speaks for it there is a lot of sarcasm and wit in author’s writing.  And the sunshine is part of that sarcasm. This blog definitely has promise.

4. viaticus per vita is written by a gal who currently lives in ME and like a lot of the nation has recently graduated with her master’s degree and is now looking for job. This blog reminds be a bit of my blog in that there are personal musings and pictures.  The pictures are from the author’s recent travels to Bangladesh and Kenya.  One of the unique things about this blog is each title is a line from whatever song the author happens to be listening to as they updates. It is fun to see if the title actually fits the content of the post, sometimes it does.


3 thoughts on “4 Blogs you’ve probably never heard of but should be reading

  1. This is very interesting. I wonder how you select your blogs. I’ve only just found out you can have more than one catagory so you can see how much I know about the technical side of things. I will have a look at the Blogs you recommend. Thankyou

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