Bellingham Highland Games – 2011

I spent a sunny Saturday at the Bellingham Highland Games. It has become a tradition with my friends and me to attend the Games.  However this year I found it partially disappointing. There were fewer vendors (fewer vendors selling Scottish wares), less clan representation, and less bagpipe teams. There were even no games (not including the ones for the kiddos).  No caber tossing. No throwing of the heavy round thing, and no hefting of the weighted hay sacks. How can you have the Highland Games when their are no games; the rugby games didn’t count.  Rugby is not exclusively Scottish, and does not seem (according to Wikipedia) to have been invented by the Scottish.

What made the day great, despite the disappointing Highland Games, was my friends.  Two of them came up from Seattle just to check out the Games and to spend time with the rest of us.  It was a huge surprise. A friend who normally does not even venture out into the sun of they can help it came to look at the men in kilts.   The weather was also amazing, I have the splotchy sunburn to prove it.  There was delicious food, smiles, laughter, trained doves, photos, a bright blue sky, friends, and family. It was a good day. Summer can now start.

Best photo of the day!

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