Bucket List – Kinda*

Here is a list of things I would like to accomplish before I turn 40. They are in no particular order of importance.
Go to and graduate from Grad School
Get published
Complete a 365 project on Flickr
Visit my friends in Texas
Visit my friends on the East Coast
Go to San Francisco  (completed August 2011)
Get married
Return to Scotland
Return to Hawai’i
Own a house
Buy/adopt a dog
Get a third cat
Own an Audi
Start a family (maybe)
Pierce my left tragus (completed April 2012)
Pierce my left rook
Read more books
Write more novels
Move away from Bellingham (but not permanently)
Visit parts of Europe I’ve never been to
Go on a cruise
Attend every wedding I am invited to no matter how far away
Become a consistent blogger
No longer work at my current job  (completed March 2012; not by choice)
Attend ComicCon*
Attend Blizzcon*



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