“The Karate Kid” – A Review Of Sorts

Reviews are not really a part of this blog I like to leave the reviews to my friend Wolfy. However after watching the revision of one of my top ten movies of all time I had to share my opinion with the interwebs.

I grew up on “The Karate Kid” staring Ralph Macchio as Daniel and Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi. I remember my dad taking my brother and me to the theater to see the movie even though I was only 4 at the time.  It was epic. There was action, drama, humor, romance, and martial arts. Everything a good movie should have. When I found out that the movie was going to be remade with Jackie Chan I was skeptical but determined to keep an open mind.

Unfortunately I had to struggle through this movie but I made it through the end. Here is the break down of why I did not enjoy the movie:

  • Jaden Smith, who plays Dre. He is blessed to be the son of Will and Jada Smith, but at this point he can’t act. Being a whiny bratty child does not warrant acting. This can also be seen in “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”
  • Dre doesn’t need to get beaten up by the antagonist as many times as he does for the viewer to understand that there is a conflict between the two characters.
  • Dre’s training with Mr. Han (played by Jackie Chan) is a bit wishy washy. Yes it kind of in the original movie too, but we don’t need 25 minutes of this kid taking his jacket on and off. Apparently that is the only move he needs to learn Kung Fu.
  • There is a serious lack of character development/character background. How does the love interest know the antagonist? Just saying they are family friends is not enough. Why does she need to pass the audition, how is it beneficial to her family? Why does Dre’s mom get transferred to China, is she an executive at the car company or what? Whose the little blond haired kid? Who are his parents? Why is he in China?
  • There was a surprising lack of tourists at the Great Wall of  China.
  • The title should be The Kung Fu kid. They go as far as explaining that he is learning Kung Fu, why not call the movie, The Kung Fu kid.

There are a few bright spots to this film:

  • I liked the few scenes of Beijing that pop up in the movie.
  • The part where they travel to the temple for some additional training is interesting along with the temple. Once they get to their destination in the temple it goes back downhill into the land of cheesiness.
  • The interaction between Dre and the love/crush interest was enjoyable to watch. I just hope that Jaden Smith’s experience of kissing a girl was not in that movie or for some other film/TV show.

I am glad I was able to catch this on Netflix instead of paying to go see it in the theater which was my original intention. My recommendation is this, if you have the opportunity to see this movie or something else, watch the something else.



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