Brown Paper Bag

What was once a year and half long relationship now resides in a brown paper bag on the floor. Inside are a small baking dish, a novelty book, and a few pieces of Gladware.  They were stealthily returned a few weeks ago.

The cookware is reminiscent of all the meals that were cooked over the last year and half. Each meal painstakingly prepared to meet the consumer’s special needs. Organic. No processed foods. No MSG. High protein. No dairy. No gluten. The dollars spent on the meals would not be able fit into the returned cookware.

The book tells of the 100 things you should know. Too bad it didn’t say that the relationship would end. It would have made things easier.

The storage containers once contained what was left of the dinners.  Now they are empty and void of purpose like the relationship.

How long the objects will be left in the paper bag has not been determined. Yes the bag is kind of in the way of things, but there is no motivation to integrate the objects into the rest the books, storage containers and cookware. If the returned items are put away where they belong then it is like they never left and never occupied another home. If they are taken from the bag then there is nothing left to hold on to regarding the relationship.


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