Writing Woes

One of my goals (I don’t like to use the word resolution) for 2011 is to get back into writing on a part-time basis. I want to develop my past NaNoWriMo novels, make them longer and fill in the holes. Unfortunately editing my work tends to bore me to death. I have had friends edit for grammar and punctuation issues. They have even given me insight into what my stories are lacking and the existence of plot holes.  My friends are very good at constructive criticism and moral support.

But to me fixing my grammar and punctuation is not an enjoyable task.  I enjoy editing other people’s works, but not my own. On Sunday I tried to edit my newest NaNoWriMo from 2010 and all I came up with was one sentence, and it was a run on sentence. Gah!

Monday night I tried a different tactic. Start a new story. I really shouldn’t start something new when I have an untold number of works that need editing or completion. I wrote one sentence. It actually wasn’t even one complete sentence. There were a bunch of adjectives and noun trying to be a sentence.

I need help with my writing.  I always get compliments on my works in progress, so I know I don’t completely suck at writing; but my skills need sharpening.  However, writing classes are expensive in my town. With the job situation as tumultuous as it is I can’t afford to pay out several hundred dollars for writing or editing classes.

But I will prevail! 2011 will be a year of writing!


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