365: Update and Call For Help

I just completed my first week of the 365days project on Flickr. I am really enjoying myself and am feeling the creative juices flowing once again. Now I just need to apply my creativity to getting back into writing.

 I have been using both my Point and Shoot camera and my Digital SLR camera for the project.  The Point and Shoot is a bit more convenient because it can be slipped into my purse and easily transportable. However the quality and shutter speed of the SLR far surpasses the Point and Shoot. The problem I have finding though is that I use my SLR as a Point and Shoot. I use the self timer more than I do on the Point and Shoot, but I generally use it the same way.  I even went through the manual to figure out how to use the different settings on the SLR and I am still stumped.  I figured out how to do monochrome pictures…yay! That is the extent of my skills to date.

I look at the pictures in the 365days pool on Flickr and I am in awe at some of the resulting pictures. Then I wonder how much of what they did was camera work vs. Photoshop.  There is nothing in the rules against using Photoshop for this project, but

I want to know if what I am stressing about is something to do with how I use my camera vs. a computer program. My assumption is that it is a combination of both the camera and Photoshop in most cases.

I could always take a photography class but I don’t have the time or inclination. I tend to learn better, at least with hands on things, if I do it myself. Hence I read the camera manual three times in one night. So I am requesting help from the interwebs , the handful of people who sporadically read my blog, and the people who accidently make it to my blog cause they clicked a wrong link. I need websites full of photography tips and even photoshop tips. I am even on the look out for a good photo editing program that won’t cost me my, yet to be conceived, first born child.  There is only so much you can do with Picasa and Picnik.

Here is the link to an update of my 365days project.


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