My creativity has hit a wall. I’ve been suffering from writers block for a long time. I am hoping to change that with an upcoming vacation to Kauai. My emotional, physical and creative batteries are drained. What is the cause of this depletion?

I haven’t been able to put my finger on the specifics. It could be any number of things: work stress, tiredness, being in a non-romantic romantic relationship, etc… I used to be able to sit at the keyboard and a story would just flow out of my fingertips.  But the desire is not there. I tried that during National Novel Writing Month last year and didn’t make it past two weeks. I even tried NaBloPoMo, twice, without much success.

Now I am going to try a new endeavor….365 Days. The idea is to take a self portrait everyday for a year. I thought this would be a good way to document my last months of being 29 and my first months of being 30. It will hopefully provide me with a confidence boost.

Today was day one and I was successful. Here’s to 364 more!


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