Nom noms are my enemy

For the past undetermined amount of years I have had a food allergy to some unknown food.  I never really bothered to find out because well I like food and I would rather suffer the consequences of this food allergy than go without something I enjoyed.  Food is more than fuel it’s an experience, everything you eat impacts you in one way or another, sometimes negatively.  I decided I would take the bad with the good. 

Over the years this undefined food allergy has become progressively worse.  My doctor suggested a few years ago that dairy might be the issue; it seems to be a problem for a lot of women when they get older. Every now and then I would reduce the amount of dairy products I would consume, but I love cheese and other things such as ice cream, so it was hard to completely take diary out of my weekly diet.  I tried soy, rice, and almond milk instead of regular 1% milk.  I think I am just too picky with how things taste or the texture.

However, I’ve spent the past couple of months feeling sick after anything I eat.  So I came to the logical conclusion that I might have more than one food allergy. So last week I was fed up with feeling ill and having numerous gastrointestinal issues every day, I decided to turn over a new leaf.  I am going to eat healthier, cut down or eventually cut out dairy products, and try to figure out what else is irritating my stomach.  I am still working out the details on how I am going to accomplish this; I did go and buy a lot food for healthy dinners instead of frozen pizza and easy meals like that. I am also going to start a food journal, documenting everything I eat so I can eliminate everything else that is irritating my stomach.

As I wrote the above paragraph I just realized how I failed in my goal of less dairy.  I told myself that the only diary that I would consume would be two yogurts a week.  Well I had those two yogurts plus a sandwich with cheese and two McD’s cheeseburgers in the last 24 hours. Next week I planned to have veggie pita sandwiches with just a little bit of light mayo and skim milk mozzarella. This transition is a lot harder…than first thought…I need to find a cheese alternative.  Do those even exist?


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