A New Christmas Memory

This Christmas was definitely one for the memory bank.  On December 23rd I received a phone call from an unknown number, so I ignored it. Not giving it a second thought. Then Christmas Eve morning I received a text message from the same number which happened to be my brother’s new cell phone number.  I immediately called the number only to find out that my brother and his newish girlfriend had been in Washington since Tuesday.  They were planning to surprise my parents on Christmas Day.

 So in true brother fashion I was to lie to my parents about Christmas Day. I was to tell them that the Christmas presents were going to arrive by courier on Christmas Day. I did tell my parents this, but with little conviction in my voice.  I did want to keep the surprise, because I knew my parents would enjoy it.  I found it funny that the first time I heard from my brother in over a year was to ask me to lie to my parents.

 On Christmas day my brother and his girlfriend arrived just in time to eat…much to the surprise of my parents. Of course my parents are very reserved people so it was a lot of “Oh mys” and “Oh neats”. No screaming for joy or tears of happiness. And in parent fashion it only took ten minutes before the photo albums were brought out.  It was great watching my brother’s girlfriend go through the embarrassing photos of my brother. But at this point the pictures are more cute and enduring than embarrassing.  Part of me wondered if my and my fella were ever going to do the same thing, going through the photo albums looking at my baby pictures.

 Overall it was a good day.


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