‘Tis the season for giving

Since this is the season of giving and receiving I wanted to share some interesting facts regarding charitable contributions around the United States. Last week I found an infographic from Mint.com via Digg.com, and I found the facts very enlightening considering the time of the year.  The main point of the infographic was that America is number one in charitable giving out of the entire world. 

 Here are some other interesting facts from the website:

  • Americans give $300 Billion to charities a year.
  • The largest charity by revenue is Lutheran Services (one of my personal favorite’s because that’s how my parents adopted my brother and me).
  • Those who earn less than $20,000 become twice as charitable as those who earn $100,000 even though they donate one fourth as much.
  • Religious people give more to secular causes than do secular people.

 At this time of year there is always an emphasis on giving.  Commercials tell us to give. Media tells us to give.  Give. Give. Give. Giving is a lot harder this year considering the economy.  But still people are doing their best to give to other people this holiday season. 

 I found another article concerning charitable giving this holiday season.  The article is about several rare coins that have been dropped in Salvation Army kettles in the Metro Denver area.  When I first read the article I thought maybe they didn’t realize the value of the coins. However they included a list of all the coins they have dropped into Salvation Army kettles in the past several years. They have found a unique way to give during the holiday seasons.

 I wish I was capable of giving to charities.  I have in the past; sponsoring several children through Compassion International but now unfortunately my charity is my self. That does have a ring of selfishness to it but I have become utterly horrible with living paycheck to paycheck. I just started a savings account a few months ago; it had been two years since I last had a savings account.  Hopefully in the next year I will be able to find a charity that I can donate too.


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