Why I Despise Snow…

We received our first snow of the season today in Bellingham, WA and all I can say is “Snow, snow…go away and come back another day.” Preferably a day when I am in Hawaii or some where else warm and tropical. 

I have had a long standing issue with Snow since I was a teenager in high schoool.  I don’t remember what year I was in but I had been invited to another schools homecoming dance. I was invited by my childhood crush. I was excited to go a real homecoming dance.  I attended a private school which didn’t hold dances so it was a big deal to be invited.  However since I was living in Colorado at the time there was always the possibility of snow. However what I wasn’t prepared for was a blizzard.  We exprienced a random fall blizzard that year that cancelled the homecoming dance.  The dance was rescheduled for the following week, but my date was moving to Florida that same weekend. Since then I have despised snow, and in the back of one of the closests at my parents house is the dress for that homecoming.  I never had the chance to wear it. 

So snow, snow go away and come back another day.


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