The Bottom Line

Recently the CEO of my company had a meeting with us to discuss his goals for our company over the coming year.  His goal was for all employees to be concerned with the Bottom Line.  What is the Bottom Line?  Money. Cold Hard Cash. $$$$. And what are we going to do to increase revenue? Two main things: become a more technology driven company and a more cost effective company.  I have issues with both concepts.

First the idea to become a more technology driven company is a good idea.  There are many insurance companies out there with better websites for their members and offer providers (doctors and hospitals) better services via the internet. I am all for this idea. However my huge problem with this is that since July our company has experienced at least 5 outages of systems. That is 5 too many. If your employees can’t even print documents, how are you going to be able to provide your members with a top of the line website?  Also system outages are not cost effective.

The idea to become a cost effective company also an idea I can get behind, if it is implemented well.  The CEO wants all of us to be aware of our sales each day.  To accomplish this goal flat screen television will be placed near each of the elevators detailing how many sales have been generated that day. This is expensive. First there is the cost of the televisions. Second there is connecting the televisions into the system and appropriate programs to display the information. This will cost us both time and money.

Now I don’t have a solution for the technology problem. We need to be a reliable company, and currently we can’t even be reliable to our own employees. If we can’t do that internally, how do we expect to be reliable to our members?  We need to fix the technology we have before we get new technology.

However to become a more cost effective company I do have a solution. A friend and co-worker were discussing this idea at great length today. The answer is: Snuggies.  Yes you did read that correctly I said Snuggies.  My company rents at least three large business buildings. That is a lot of space to heat during the cold weather. My proposal is that it would be much more cost effective to buy everyone Snuggies than pay for heating three buildings.  Chances are we could get the Snuggies cheaper since we would be buying them in bulk. Even if we couldn’t snag that deal the Snuggie website says you can buy one and get one free. Also included is a book light with each Snuggie. This deal is even better because then we could turn off all the lights and work from the book lights saving the company even more money. 

I do understand the importance of the Bottom Line. Making money is important for this company. It is how I get paid every month and I am grateful for the job that I do have. However with this emphasis on the Bottom Line I don’t want my company to loose focus on the real Bottom Line: People. Our members and employees.  


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