Pho is Foe not Fuh….

Tonight’s Tuesday Night Dinner formerly known as Monday Night Dinner was a success. I had homemade Pho and Spring Rolls, and since I’ve never really had either one they were darn delicious.  The broth on the soup was really good and so was the soup. The rice noodles and paper were either a bit too hard or too sticky. But then again I am not used to either one so maybe that’s the way they are supposed to be.

The Gingerbread Cupcakes were a success. I don’t have any left. I secretly left one on the hostesses table.  Overall there was much fun had by all.

I also became a member of the up and coming Rock Band 2 band “The Wookies” and I rocked out as their lead singer.  I pretty much can only do the singing in Rock Band, for some reason the drums and guitar are not my friend.  Of course I can only do the singing level on easy. On medium I only average in the low 70%.

Next week I am hosting and it’s going to be Taco Night! Yay! Homemade tacos are my favorite!


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