Two for me and none for you

Tonight’s baking adventure was for tomorrow night’s weekly dinner with friends. We all take turns making dinner and the others bring sides or a dessert. I am the dessert girl. If I am not making the dinner I am making the dessert.  Please note I only make dinner every three times. For tomorrow I found a recipe in a cookbook my aunt gave to me for Christmas last year, she heard what I was doing and thought it would be helpful. It has come in handy on numerous occasions. I chose to make Gingerbread Cupcakes with Lemon Cream Cheese frosting.

 And let me tell you…that frosting is really delicious. The cupcakes part is good too. Different. I learned a very valuable lesson tonight. When a recipe says softened butter or margarine, it means softened butter or margarine. It doesn’t mean butter that has sat out on your counter for 10 minutes and you are too impatient to wait any longer. Now there is the chance that in some parts of the world 10 minutes would soften the butter just fine, but due to the crazy cold weather here my apartment is like an ice box, even with the heat on. Therefore the making of the cupcakes took a lot longer than anticipated.   A lot longer.

Now my one beef with making cupcakes, either from scratch or from a box, is it always yields 24 cupcakes.  In all my years of making cupcakes I have never had 24 cupcakes…I can usually get 18 to 22 cupcakes. 22 is only if I am very lucky. Tonight I got 22 but a couple of them are really small. Does anyone ever get 24 cupcakes? If so, how do you do it? I can never seem to measure out 2/3 or the cupcake cups. Has anyone invented a utensil that accurately measures the amount of cupcake batter you can put into a cup? I was thinking I could use a pastry bag and do it that way, but that means I would have to go buy a pastry bag… I think they should make the cupcake yield more accurate. It should say something like: Makes 18-24 cupcakes depending on how precisely you measure the batter.  That way if anyone gets their hopes up thinking they are going to make 24 cupcakes, but only end up with 18 they are still pretty successful.


2 thoughts on “Two for me and none for you

  1. Those food-server measuring thingies that look like ice cream scoops seem to work for me with the mini-cupcakes but I can’t vouch for the bigger ones…. I know they make many sizes. So, I totally want to try your cupcakes!

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