Friday Night Lights

Friday nights are my night. It’s the one night I designate to me, myself and I. Friday nights are my night in. It is my night of selfishness, or self centeredness. I spend the time pampering myself. On occasion I do an errand or two, but most of my time is spent unwinding from my work week. I’ll cook myself dinner, and I mean actually cook. No frozen meals on a Friday for me. Sometimes I’ll order pizza or Applebees. Sometimes I indulge and take a bubble bath.

This week was especially stressful. Our computer systems went down at work on Wednesday. I need three programs or databases to do my job and the printer. Well two of those databases and the printers went down. With deadlines to fast approaching there wasn’t a whole lot there to do. I spent the last three days doing as much as I could for my cases before the deadlines approached. So tonight I cooked myself a New York Steak with sautéed green beans, all organic. I’ve been watching Bones: Season 1. Only three episodes to go! I also have a plate of Nestle’s Turtle cookies, my new favorite dessert. A great night of unwinding is a ahead of me.

Yay for Friday and the weekend!


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