Late Night Visitors

This entire week my sleep habits have been off kilter.  Every time I wake up in the morning I am more exhausted. Lack of sleep is not something I am unfamiliar with. This happens to me in phases. Some months I obtain great sleep and other months I feel like a zombie shuffling through life.   

 I think that this week my body is trying to fight off a cold and I am trying to do my best to assist with the battle by taking vitamins and not going to sleep past 11.  I have been able to maintain a general 11 o’clock bed time. When I mean generally I mean sometimes I will be in bed by 11:07 or 11:03.  The only night this has not been followed was Tuesday night when my guy called at 11:30. He was polite enough to only talk for about ten minutes before he told me to get some sleep.

 Once I fall asleep I have a deep enough sleep to dream.  My brain has been very active with all sorts of odd dreams these days. Last night’s was particularly interesting because the building and things in it were something that resembled my original hometown of Littleton, Colorado, but I kept thinking I was in my current hometown of Bellingham, WA.  And apparently Toys R Us sells furniture now…odd things going on in my head.

 However last night there was an interesting occurrence. Some loud knocking woke me up from what I assume was a deep sleep.  It took me a moment to realize that whoever was knocking on my door. I lay still for a few moments hoping they would go away. When the knocking didn’t stop I went to see who it was in case it was like an emergency or something.  Through the peep hole I saw a young woman probably in her early twenties and a guy with a hat leaning against the wall. Sleepily I opened the door to see what they wanted.  Apparently they were look for “George” in 301. I was like um nope you have the wrong apartment. The young woman asked a second time and I was like nope.  My brain was too tired to ask them which building number they were looking for. She thanked me and apologized the second time I told her “No.”

 Today I got reprimanded from my guy. He was like never open the door. You should have called the cops or at least talked to them through the door. But never open the door.  I know he was right in hindsight, but my town isn’t really known for random crime. Yes we have crime but not the kind where a random person forces themselves into home of another person. We are a smallish city so crimes are more likely committed against known persons.

 But I will do better next time. No answering the door no matter how annoying the knocking is…


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