The Medical Enigma

Last evening I received a visit from my fella, my beau, my boyfriend – the guy I am dating. (I have yet to figure out a title, or label, for him that indicates our relationship.) I enjoy random visits from him, because it lets me know that he is thinking about me when he is in my area. We live ten miles apart.
His random visits also make me feel important.  He is usually there to impart some kind of information. Basically if he has a crazy or semi-traumatic experience he needs to tell someone, and that someone is me. The first time this happened he had gone to some kind of healer, those people that use crystals and other New Age practices to heal the body or something. That was an amusing visit because he was keyed-up about the experience, and he concluded that he was never going to go back. Much to my relief.
Unfortunately last night’s visit was not as entertaining.  He had had an emergency ultrasound earlier that day. He had been having some issues over the weekend regarding the hernia surgery he had two months ago. He hasn’t completely recovered from the surgery.  Despite the test lasting 45 minutes it was inconclusive as to whether or not he
Has a reoccurring hernia or if it’s an entirely different situation.
So I am trying to prepare myself for having another few months of my guy and his medical issues. Apparently medical issues are part of the package deal with this guy, which I am okay with. It could be worse like he has a gambling problem or is addicted to something. If being with him means we can’t snuggle as much until he is 100% healthy then I will accept that. 


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