National Novel Writing Month 2009

Several weeks ago I decided to embark on the National Novel Writing Month challenge for the second time. Last year I finished on the 30th day and about two thousand words over the limit. This year I am not sure if I will be finishing due to the many extra curricular activities I have going on this month. 

However, the main thing that will be keeping me from finishing is myself. I decided to stretch myself as a writer and picked the Science Fiction genre. I usually go with Fantasy, Romance and Historical Fiction when I write. This year I have been surrounded by Science Fiction, whether it be the new Star Trek movie, the free-lance editing I am doing, or the books I have chosen to read.  It seemed like a fun idea to branch out to the Sci-fi realm, but my knowledge in all things science is kind of lacking.  Thankfully, I have enough friends who treat their Science Fiction like a religion I will be able to bounce ideas off of them. 

To all the NaNoWriMo writers out there I wish you good luck and fast fingers.


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