I am a sheep…baah!

My new position has had its ups and downs since I started working August 31. I am very thankful that I am no longer in the call center, especially with Open Enrollment coming next month. I am grateful for the amenities that I do have such as, a bigger building, vending machines, and more windows.

What I don’t like about this job is that I feel as though I have less mental freedom in this position. I am not allowed to deviate from the established letter templates. No matter what the issue is that I am resolving I have to use a pre-made template. I.e. if it’s a premium grievance no matter what kind, I have to use the template. This results (in my opinion) in letters that really don’t resolve the issue. It’s like we are writing the letters for the people that audit us and not our enrollees.

The other issue is the hurry up and wait factor. Each of the letters we send out is approved by a manager or team lead. When I first started working here it was pushed on me how busy we are going to be during Open Enrollment. And I get busy, you don’t know busy until you’ve worked in a call center during open enrollment and a snow storm. So to prevent any backlog I have been researching cases as fast as I can…

It’s not too hard to manage with our copy and paste letters. But then I am always held up by having my letters reviewed.

So I am a sheep. A corporate sheep. I graze in the herd like the rest of them. I go where they shepherd me.



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