Moving On Up

Today I am starting to slowly organize and pack up my cubicle. As of August 31st I will no longer be a slave to a call center. I will be a slave to the Appeals and Grievances department for my company. The words Appeals and Grievances sounds daunting and scary, but I am excited and grateful for this new opportunity. In a world where people are loosing jobs left and right, and struggling to pay bills. I get to move within my company and gain a slight raise.

As I look round my cubicle, I see everything that I have accumulated over the last year and eight months in the call center. I have the ceramic frogs that were given to me by my first supervisor on leap day (get it frogs – leap day). A fake lei hangs from a hook representing the one time we had a luau potluck. I have pictures that fellow coworkers have made for me. I have pictures of some of the important people in my life. I have pictures of Scotland that came from a calendar. The pictures are my motivation and Zen on a daily basis. Then there is the paper work that I have accumulated in my time here that I haphazardly kept track of. Now my task is to figure out the importance of each item to keep and what needs to be passed on to another Customer Service Representative.

Cubicles are an interesting dynamic on the workforce today. I never thought I would work in one, let alone enjoy working in one. Cubicles have caused new lingo to emerge in corporate there is cubi, and cube, and cubi neighbor. I am sure there are dozens more that I don’t even know about. But what is it about a little box (made of ticky-tacky*) that is appealing to work in?  I think the main reason is that it provides one with his/her own personal space. You can decorate your cubicle anyway you want and turn it into your home away from home. You might as well make it as comfortable as you can, considering you will be there for forty or more hours each week.

You also get instant friends, you might not see them outside of work or have no personal interests in common, but you  share the same office space and are sectioned off into cubes. You get to over hear one another’s conversations both personal and work related. You can sympathize with them when they are on a difficult call. You can laugh along with them as they spell out Bellingham for the 100th time to one of our members. Cubicles provide a sense of community among their dwellers.

In a little over a week I will be leaving one cubicle culture for another. I have already glimpsed the new area. The cubicles are larger with slightly lower walls, and they are a cream color instead of grey. The people there dress more professionally and I am sure they have already established groups of friends. But I am up for the challenge of meeting new people and getting a fresh cubicle to decorate.

 *Thanks to the theme song of Weeds for being stuck in my head and giving me the idea that like houses, cubicles are made of ticky- tacky.


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