My Life Plan Is Not Your Life Plan..and thats ok.

A few days ago I called up an old friend from high school whom I hadn’t talked to in several months. During that phone call I mentally compared her life with my life and I saw my life falling short. I have known this friend for over 10 years and she has accomplished so much in her life. She is married to a great man. She has a great job. She and her husband are closing on a house at the end of the month. She is expecting her first child at the end of Febuary. Then I remember all my other friends who are married and have good job. Then I remembered all my friends who have good jobs and are going to be married.

When I was younger I dreamed of being married and having children by this time in my life. And what do I have at this point in my life…two cats and a job…and a pseudo-boyfriend. It all makes me wonder when I lost the dream. When did the dream die?

But it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that everyone is on their own life plan, their own life journey. How my friend got to where she is today is different from how I got to where I am today. I don’t think my dream died it just morphed into something different. Do I want to get married and have a great job? Yes. Someday. Hopefully.  It is this same friend who gave me the wisdom of everyone having their own plan, several years ago. We should not be living up to societies and other people’s expectations. We are responsible to ourselves and God.


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