Follow Your Bliss

I spent yesterday following my bliss. I took a much needed day off of work to relax, do little errands and refresh myself. I spent some time at the park reading. I had lunch with a close friend, and I worked on an editing project at a local coffee shop. Today’s blisses (is there a plural for bliss?) were very small, a chocolate croissant, the smell of salt on the breeze, stocking up on Bed Head shampoo, the laughter between friends, and exercising my “little grey cells”.

Friday afternoon I saw a tweet from someone on my follow list who stated that for Follow Friday we should follow our bliss. It got me to thinking; what exactly is my bliss? This thought coincides with a book that I am reading called “Life Energy: Using the Meridians to Unlock the Hidden of Your Emotions” by John Diamond M.D. He talks about the importance of having a homing thought. A homing thought is something that you focus on under stress so that your Life Energy can remain strong in the situation. Generally your homing thought is something positive about yourself, or a goal that you have in the future such as: I want to be a published author. For the past two days I have been wondering what my homing thought would be, more than likely it would have to do with writing. But this idea of following your bliss can tie into having a homing thought. When following your bliss you are doing what you love and are passionate about which is something that shouldn’t be overly stressful.

To find your homing thought or to follow your bliss you need to know what makes you happy, or content. So what makes me happy and content? Well if you look at the things I listed at the top of this post you’ll get a general idea. I like the simple pleasures in life. I know that working in a call center 40 hours a week is not following my bliss. I know that I enjoy my freedom and independence. I know that living in the Pacific Northwest provides me contentment. I know that writing is my passion and I ultimately want a career in the literature field.  I know spending time with friends brings laughter into my life. So my bliss is: friends, the Pacific Northwest, independence, writing and the random joys that life brings.

 I leave you with this quote. “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls” – Joseph Campbell


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