Welcome to my new blog.

This blog is about me, BettyBeth, and the details about my personal life. Which include friendships, dating, work, family and anything that I find amusing. Every now and then I include my social commentary on life and relationships. Mostly this is just a personal blog to vent the details of my life or organize my thoughts on a specific topic or issue.  For further background information visit my previous blog.

I am a late twenties, Pacific Northwesterner, who loves to write and express myself through writing. I currently work for a local insurance company in a cubicle forty hours a week.  It gives my brain plenty of time to come up with ideas for writing projects and blog posts. I believe it is important to pursue writing every day (I am not promising to blog everyday) to increase my writing skills. Some day I hope to become a published author, or an established editor, or better yet, both.

So come along with me on my life journey and the pursuit of my dreams.



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